Complete Canadian Wills Kit

Complete Canadian Wills Kit 8-1

Write your own will using this simple kit to protect your family
8-1 (See all)
Self-Counsel Press

To control how your property and assets are distributed, your estate is administered, and your minor children cared for, you need a will. If you do not have a valid will, your provincial government can make these decisions for you.

Your first step to writing a will is to take inventory of your estate. This kit contains a simple estate inventory/planner. You also need a health care directive (sometimes called a “medical directive” or “living will”) if you want to control vital health care decisions should you become incapacitated.

Tens of thousands of Canadians have relied on Self-Counsel’s books, forms and kits to help them save money and write their own legal wills. The Complete Canadian Wills Kit includes the following forms:
- Estate Planner/Inventory
- Last Will & Testament
- Health Care Directive
- Contents of House
- People to Contact
- Property & Real Estate Inventory
- Safes & Storage Locator
- Vehicles & Vessels
- Checklist to follow after a death in the family

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